We Offer:
  • secure, climate-controlled warehouses
  • controled access to records
  • bar-code tracking
  • 24/7 access
  • rush/emergency delivery service
  • internet access to stored items
  • flexible pickup and delivery
  • affordable pricing

Let Us Help You Get Organized.

Small and medium size companies have problems
balancing the demands of running the business and
developing and managing an effective approach to the
storage of their critical company records. Many business file
their records in boxes located in the office or nearby public
storage facility. If someone is responsible for managing
these records, they probably wear many hats within the

business. Normally, this approach results in boxes piled in no specific order and files that have been previously removed stacked in the corner. Trying to find a box or file in this situation can be a time consuming and in some cases impossible.

Let Peachtree Archives & Storage help get your records management program defined and help you maintain control of your important documents.

How does this work?

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